• Simple game
  • High quality video streaming
  • State of art user interface
  • Perfectly trained live dealers
  • Big wins can be won only via side bets

Live Baccarat Squeeze by Evolution Gaming

Live Baccarat Squeeze manufactured by Evolution gaming is a live casino table that brings immersive experience. With 17 HD cameras that capture all the action and suspense of the game, this is a great and already very popular live casino game.

This is a game that has awesome exactly 98.94% RTP. It is played with eight decks all of them shuffled. This game has six bonus bets which can bring a chance for extra big win to the players.

This is a game that can be played on both mobile and desktop devices. The quality of the game is not really affected by the internet speed that players hold at the moment. Players can also choose the quality of the video stream according to the internet quality they possess. The Evolution Gaming live dealers are highly trained and polite and these are just few of the reasons why Baccarat Live is so popular.

How To Play

The Live Baccarat Squeeze is a simple game. Two cards are dealt to the Player and the Banker. Whoever is closer to number 9 wins. Cards including 10 and above are worth zero, while the ace is count as one point. The most important cards here are cards 2-9. Sometimes if needed an extra third additional card is dealt.

It starts with picking one of the coins from the bottom of the screen and placing them on the board. Right after that there is a short countdown that informs the players how long they have before the bets are closed.

As a possible outcome in all rounds of baccarat there are three options. Starting from left to the right, the first bet from the left is to take Players win. In the middle of the options there is the hardest and riskiest main bet to choose and that is the Tie. As we said, there is always a possibility it will be a Tie but it is with the lowest possibility to happen. Lastly on the right side as a third option, is to choose that the Banker will win the hand.

Despite this, Evolution Gaming’s UI has been adapted to the players needs. It shows the players, how many players picked which option. Also the game keeps track of many of the previous wins. This way the players can have a lead and follow trends. This way players can choose options or follow the trends to make wager on every of the next rounds.

Betting options and payouts

With this version of Baccarat, there are six side bets in total can be made. Evolution Gaming’s Live Baccarat Squeeze point of the game is allowing huge wins for the players via side bets. In fact this is the only way to win big.

There are as we said six extra features. Those are Player and Banker pairs, Perfect and Either Pair, P bonus and B bonus. All of this side bets are paid extra and can lead the players to high winnings.

Player and Banker Pairs – When first two cards dealt to either the player or banker form a pair, the side bet is won.

Perfect Pair – The most difficult to win, as it is needed to get two cards with same value and suit. It is as well highly paid, and if players get a perfect pair on both sides, they receive the biggest prize possible.

Either Pair- This is a bonus side bet feature that pays of the players when either a player or banker get a pair.

P or Player Bonus and B or Banker Bonus – The bonus is received when either of player or the banker independently form a winning combination with a card valued in natural eight or nine.

Payouts are also simply calculated as payouts for wagers on player are 1:1 while the banker wagers are 0.95:1. Tie holds a return of 8:1 while a huge win or getting a Perfect Pair on both player and banker earn the maximum 200:1 return.

Our verdict for Evolution Gaming Baccarat Squeeze

This is an improved version of the standard Baccarat but a one that brings a high exciting experience. Impressed by the live dealers and how they actually squeeze the card is what brings the game more players. The ritual of squeezing the cards in a professional way that still cannot be seen by the players is really impressive. This brings tension to the players especially when they partly see the card while having a big wager or after all a big win coming on the result.

This is a game for Baccarat fans and every single one of them should try it.


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