Netherlands Players That Gambled Before Regulation In the Country Ask For Their Money Back

Netherlands Casino Players And The Troubles They Had Before the Regulation Was made

The Netherlands legalized its online gaming industry in October of last year. To date, 24 gambling businesses have received licenses from the nation. With this it successfully adopted legislation for the activity to assure player protection and legal licensing. Former Netherlands casino players gamblers who lost money before to the legalization are now requesting money back from gambling operators, according to a recent study, even though the market has been functioning for more than a year and a regulator with a focus on gaming continues to supervise the operations.

Online gambling enterprises offered and provided their services to Dutch consumers. Customers were able to gamble as much as they wanted, which made them the ideal target for some operators. The Netherlands admitted earlier this year that the gambling businesses that provided their services prior to the market’s authorization did so in violation of international law.

Before online gambling was made legal, those who engaged in it suffered negative consequences. Some who lost their houses or jobs, destroyed their relationships, and accumulated debt. It was noted that while the gamblers chose to take part voluntarily, many of them were encouraged to wager more. This was caused by them receiving gifts, incentives, or other offers from the gaming providers. Even those who occasionally enjoyed gaming were pushed into losing thousands of dollars by those techniques.

Netherlands casino players


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Uncertainty exists regarding the existence of any loss-control or harm-prevention measures among the operators who provided their services to Dutch clients prior to the licensing of the online gambling industry. Currently, licensed operators in the Netherlands are required by law to follow responsible gambling guidelines and avoid gambling harm by spotting warning indications of problem gambling.

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