Matched Betting Explained

Matched betting – Everything related to matched betting

Matched betting is simply explained as taking free bets offered by the sportsbooks for a risk-free profit. Matched betting is placing bets on both outcomes mostly with Asian handicaps, so those wagers can bring a guaranteed win. In the world, matched betting with free bets from online bookmakers is still working in 2022. Shortly explained, despite using online bookmakers there is actually no gambling involved. Players win and the profit depends of several betting conditions. Over the past years, matched betting increased its popularity since non-gamblers and profit chasers are betting in their spare time so they can earn extra cash.

This sounds too good to be true, but in fact it is. Earning the money can depend on how much time the players invest in this job. Bookmakers give money away to the players in form of bonuses but there are also a lot of conditions to trigger the bonus. This strategy gives the players advantage as with placing the sure bets they are able to trigger those welcome bonuses and withdraw the bonus cash once they meet the requirements.

Pros and cons in matched betting

There are several pros and cons in this type of betting as there is no bookmaker in the world that is happy to give free cash. Still this earns the players free cash but the way to earn it is not easy. Doing the homework is a key way to progress to the profit this type of betting brings.

matched betting


Risk free

This is the most important thing in the matched betting and when the players understand the process and make sure they do it right, there is no risk at all and the money are safe. Safe betting is key and before the start makes sure to do a research and lots of reading. There are a lots of free and paid websites that give tutorials on how to do it. Following all steps is one of the most important things.


This is another thing that players will love. Either you spend few hours of the spare time or spending even more time considering a full time job is up to the player. How much players earn depends on the time they invest in matched betting as well as how much their starting bankroll is.

Grow the bankroll

It is important to grow the bankroll instead of spending it on some other things or withdrawing it from the account. Once the profit come, player is able to increase the staking and on long term growing the bankroll will be higher than the one imagined before.


Understanding matched betting

It can be hard to understand for the beginners and the mistakes can cost the players. A lot of people don’t do it since they don’t understand it or they don’t fully understand it. Having considered this as gambling is one of the reasons people don’t involve in matched betting. However since it is not for everyone, those who want to start earning with matched betting need to be 100% sure they know what are doing.

Bookmakers limit players that earn money

Even the biggest bookmaking brands are limiting players that win. And they do it without previous notification or any explanation of why are they doing it. This is a common thing when matched betting is involved. The bookmakers don’t about losing players who earn money so this can be frustrating. However there are thousands of bookmakers and moving on the next one is a usual thing.

Mistakes cost money

As we said before, simple as it is, players will lose money when making mistakes. So if you are a new player you need to be 100% sure that you know what are you doing. This is perhaps rule number 1. However it is important when starting with strategy to know that the bankroll will be unavailable to spend it on other things. Making sure that your investment in matched betting are money that you are able to forget on longer period.

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