Live Hold’em Poker

Live Hold’em Poker by Evolution Gaming

Evolution Gaming’s Live Hold’em Poker is another live casino masterpiece with an unlimited number of players that go against the dealer. The live Hold’em Poker is streamed from Evolution Gaming own studio with a high-quality video stream.

A whole army of poker players may play at the same time. All players receive the same set of cards while choosing how to play independently of one another. The cards are shuffled after each hand. This game features exciting gameplay that differs from the traditional regular Texas Hold’em poker. This is a high RTP game set to 97.84%.

Games can be played both on computer and mobile devices. Contains an astonishing user interface and female croupiers dominate the tables.

How To Play

A huge percentage of people in the world have been already introduced to this game. The traditional Texas Hold’em poker went way popular over the years. No matter if the professional, mid-level, or beginner is in this game, the rules are simple. Players chose how much their wager is on the Ante button. A timer informs the players how much time they have left for wagering before the new round starts.

When the round starts, the dealers draw two cards for themselves and two cards for each of the players on the table. Three common cards will also be set on the table. Right after this, the players decide their next step. They can choose three options. The player can fold if he thinks this hand doesn’t stand a chance of winning. The player can keep playing, as well as make a Call after the previous player raised a bet.

After all players decide what their next step is, two more cards are drawn and then the dealer will reveal their cards. The person with the strongest hand wins. Another important thing is that players and dealers as well have to draw at least a pair of fours to qualify for the round. When a dealer fails to qualify, this is an automatic win for the players. However, it is very rare to happen to see dealers fail to qualify.

live hold'em poker

Betting options and payouts

Evolution Gaming’s live Hold’em Poker is designed to be the best version of the game on the internet. And they duly delivered. This is the best game of this kind that you will find at any of the many live casinos around the world. What makes this game special is the two side bets invented for this game.

  • The Bonus– which is an Aces or Better Side bet. This bonus is completely optional and can be placed even after players already wagered down the major wagers for the round. Even if the player folds after the first three cards, the Bonus bet is still in play.
  • Jumbo 7 Progressive Jackpot Side Bet – This Jackpot is directly funded by Evolution Gaming at the start of a game. This means that there is always a minimum of $1.000.000 that can be won at this jackpot. And this is only the start. This is Evolution Gaming’s highest starting amount for any jackpot they have online. This jackpot is still for the players who play in a casino that purchased that package option from Evolution Gaming. The exciting thing is that this is a network jackpot and all casinos that contribute to the pot are qualified. Still, this jackpot offers only 81.64% of RTP.


The payouts as well depend on the strength of the cards the player has for each round. The minimum score is 1:1 winning a straight or a lower value card combination. The maximum for its majesty is “ The Royal Flush” with a 100:1 maximum payout. The side Bonus bet also has a maximum of 100:1 requiring another Royal Flush drawn with the first five cards.

Pros and Cons


  • Great streaming quality
  • Responsive design, which can be played on mobile devices and desktops as well
  • User interface guides the players to discover how strong a hand they have
  • Hands don’t take long to play thanks to the auto shuffler


  • None

Our verdict for Evolution Gaming Live Hold’em Poker

As we said this is perhaps the best game online when Live Hold’em Poker is in question. The game has a unique thing that no other manufacturer has ever dared to do before.-The progressive multiplier. Poker players arrive on this platform as the rules seem to play to their advantage as well. More or less Evolution delivered the best live table casino Hold’em all-around experience. Casinopiggy highly recommends Live Hold’em Poker by Evolution gaming.


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