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Live Fan Tan by Evolution Gaming

Live Fan Tan is an ancient gambling game. The origins of the game are coming from East Asia and it is based on dividing beads and predicting the outcome. The game story during the years proved that it is a complete luck-based game. However despite this, the overall experience is that this game brings a joy and happiness to the table players.

Evolution Gaming decided to bring this ancient game dating from the third century. The history of the Asians is quite long, and the games they invented are quite a lot. Some of the western audiences have never heard of plenty of those games. Evolution Gaming makes things easier with developing this game in 2021 so this game is already spread worldwide. Live Fan Tan game manufacturer brought the excitement of the game as it is played on some of the Asian casinos. It is worth mentioning that the new players that have been introduced with this game might be intimidated.

However it is not surprise that this game is targeted for the Asian market, but still it is available to other players. Live Fan Tan is a new and refreshing game with a different experience from many other dealer casino games.

How To Play Live Fan Tan

Assuming most of the players that aren’t Asians are not familiar with how Live Fan Tan works. It is an essential game once the candidates past the initial intimidation. Let’s go step by step. The goal of the game is to predict the number of the beads will be left on the table. If playing in default mode, there are five main Live Fan Tan wagers to be made. Odd, Even, Big, Small and Fan. Wagering on Fan is actually predicting the exact number of beads left and they can wary between 1 and 4. Small predicts that 1 or 2 will be left while Big if there are 3 or 4 left. Odd and Even are already self explained.

Live Fan Tan starts with players wagering on the options offered. When wagering time runs out, the host proceeds with the next stage. Host uses a special stick to board all bead in one place. The beads are as well placed beneath a glass bowl while being shaken. After this, dealer uses a metal cup to separate random numbers of beads. The beads are placed on the table and host uses the stick again to separate the beads and split in groups of four. They are all lined up until a final line remains.

Right at this point, players can see if one, two, three or four beads remained. When wagering correctly on the right number of beads, players win.

live fan tan

Betting options and payouts

Another betting option despite the Default mode option is the extra featured Advanced mode. This mode triggers additional bets that offer extra winnings and flexibility. There are few options though:

Nim bets – This bet covers two numbers, but one is a winning. If betting a 1 Nim 3 bet this means wager will be won if there is a one remaining bead in the end. Same if there are three reaming beads, you cover back the initial bet and it is returned to the account.

Kwok bets – It covers two numbers and this wager treats both of those numbers as winning numbers. A Kwok 1-4 bet wins if the number of the remaining beads is equal to either 1 or 4.

Shem-sam-hong or SSH – This bet allows wagering on three numbers at the same time. All of those three are considered winning numbers making the wager the safest possible. The return is low however.

The statistic page and the track of how much money was spent on a specific bet on the current round are available to the players. The statistic page keeps track of the last 500 rounds.

Players can play one of four Fan wagers. Each of these main bets regardless of which one is played, the payout is always the same. The return for the wagers is 2.85:1.

Pros and Cons


  • Easy to understand
  • Nice user interface with helpful tools
  • Additional bets available


  • No big wins
  • Can be addictive

Our verdict for Evolution Gaming Live Fan Tan

The trend of innovative games by Evolution Gaming is kept. They are not being the first developers of this games, as some others developed an own version respectively. This is a polished version and brings excitement and great experienced especially for the new players. Live Fan Tan is highly recommended by the Casinopiggy.


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