Live Dream Catcher

live dream catcher

Live Dream Catcher




Live Dream Catcher by Evolution Gaming

Live Dream Catcher by Evolution Gaming is a live dealer casino game release 2017. This is one of the very first Lucky Wheel game developed and presented to the online players. A unique and mobile compatible Wheel of Fortune which retains the classic Wheel. Live Dream Catcher is an amazing live game that gives players a chance to experience the thrill of playing the land-based casino. An atmosphere that only the Vegas casinos offers. The stream comes from Riga studios where Evolution Gaming hosts the HD and classic mode of the game. With multiple camera angles the visual access to different parts of the wheels is incredible.

Evolution Gaming has made a unique version of this kind of games. By combining different features of Slot, Bingo and Roulette this game spread massively among the players worldwide. Live Dream Catcher is one of the leading live studio games they developed. CasinoPiggy presents this game to you. 

How To Play Live Dream Catcher

Despite being a combination of several other games, this game is still simple to play. The wheel contains pockets from which most of them are market with the following number 1,2,5,10,20 and 40. All this numbers appear in different frequencies. The remaining two pockets are taken for x2 and x7 multipliers.

Live Dream Catcher starts with players wagering on desired segments. The players choose their bet options and the chip value they want to play with. The user interface of the game allows the wagers to be done either manually or throughout the AutoPlay options. The wagering time before each spin of the wheel as to all other games, is limited.

live dream catcher

Live Spins

Once the wagering phase is over, the live host spins the wheels and stands aside until it stops. During the spinning live hosts chat with players, offer assistance and information. The hosts aren’t allowed to touch the wheel while it’s spinning.

Once the spinning session is done, the hosts are announcing the results. Players that got the wheel landed on the number they picked, Win.  The winnings are paid off immediately on the players account before the next round starts.

Betting options and payouts

Players have instant access to a chat that helps them resolve if issues arrive. As well, the view of the game can be taken from many different angles since the camera is shifting while the wheel spins.

The payouts are as simple as the game is. They correspond to the actual number on the pocket. Number 5 will increase the payout by 5, number 1 pays of 1:1 while multipliers increase the payout by the value added to the base payout amount.

Here are the payouts possibilities and how the pockets are spread with the chances of win.

  • Number 1 holds yellow color and has 32 pockets
  • Number 2 holds blue color and has 15 pockets
  • Number 5 holds purple color and has 7 pockets
  • Number 10 holds green color and has 4 pockets
  • Number 20 holds orange color and has 2 pockets
  • Number 40 holds red color and has 1 pocket
  • Remaining 2 pockets are reserved for 2x and 7x multipliers

Pros and Cons


  • Potential for multiplying wins up to 7x
  • Friendly hosts
  • Transparent spinning wheel


  • Multipliers are not easy to win

Our verdict for Evolution Gaming Live Dream Catcher

As simple the game is with a basic concept of gambling, Live Dream Catcher game was a huge success. With the multipliers this game has extra awards and bigger winning outcome. With a friendly atmosphere players that like spinning the Wheel will enjoy this experience.


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