Fire in the hole

Fire in the hole by NoLimit City

Fire in the hole is a game with a lot of unusual features than we are used to see around casinos. Being online since March 2021, this incredible game got popular quickly having the players discover a new dark underground theme. This game is set in mine with a dwarf character that takes the game to the next level with his ability to trigger the TNT. The game is very well designed with a tense soundtrack that gives the players a lot more excitement.

The gameis starting with a 6 reel, and 3 rows which are half of the grid. Below the active area, there are 3 dormant rows holding empty positions. Those 3 rows activate when some of the features trigger. Fire in the hole holds 486 ways to win and this is just the beginning. If the player unlocks the rest of 3 dormant rows there are 46.656 winning ways available.

Exploring the dark tunnels of the Fire in the Hole online slot can lead the player to multiple wins as well as a bonus triggering feature. When players can’t wait to get the Fire in the Hole slot’s free spins round, then it can be purchased from the store.

How To Play

This is a game that requires a good internet connection. Setting up the amount that the player wants to wager per hand is the basics as in all other games. Fire in the hole offers a minimum of $0.20 up to $50 and the player can decide what is his desired spin amount.

Instead of the typical respin feature, to win Fire in the hole free spins, the player needs to activate the Lucky Wagon Spins feature. To start with this player also needs 3,4 or 5 bonus symbols. The player usually needs around 200 spins on average before getting the bonus round.

On every spin, you begin with the first three rows. You can unlock the additional rows in three ways:

  • An xBomb explorers
  • You land a win
  • You trigger the Wild Mining bonus

fire in the hole

Betting options and payouts

Three, four or five bonus symbols, on the other hand, mean you’ll trigger the Lucky Wagon Spins feature. This takes you off-screen to a 4 by 6-coin grid, with 2 or 3 rows locked into place whilst 3 free spins take place. New reels appear in this section of the game consisting of blanks and coins, with each coin awarding you a cash prize and resetting your free spin total to 3.

Here we can get the symbols during the bonus round and their value:

  • Coin– add values between 1x and 100x to coins on the reels below.
  • Multiplier– boost the value of all coins on the relevant reel.
  • Dynamite– blow up position blockers (if any are present) or boost the coin values. It can also reveal a chest in the bottom row.
  • Bag– collect all coins on the relevant reel, and add the values to the total.
  • Chest – collect all coin values on the entire grid, and it also clears the whole grid to make more room for new coins to land. The Dwarf will not be removed, if present.
  • Dwarf– collects all values on the relevant reel, and becomes sticky to do this on each following spin.


Having not won this Bonus Round for a long time, the impatient players have the option to purchase a Bonus Round via the Bonus Buy Option.


  • Pay60x for 3 scatters with 07% RTP and a max win chance of appr. 1 in 133K.
  • Pay 157xfor 4 scatters with 2% RTP and a max win chance of appr. 1 in 41K.
  • Pay 500xfor 5 scatters with 96% RTP and a max win chance of appr. 1 in 16K.


Fire in the hole has a 96.06% RTP, giving the players plenty of opportunities to come out ahead if things go players’ way.


Pros and Cons


  • Great visual and soundtrack
  • 60,000x potential in all phases of the game
  • Exploding xBomb wilds increase multiplier


  • High volatility
  • Customized RTP ranges


Our verdict for NoLimit City’s Fire In the Hole

The best way to describe this game with one word is – intense. Everything from the theme, soundtrack, and the story of the game makes it incredible. The game is designed around the Lucky Wagons Spin feature but even without the free spins, the base game is pretty explosive.

This is a wonderful game and it has a high recommendation but one more time, the volatility is high so be careful. Check out all casinos section at Casinopiggy to see where you can play this incredible game.







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